A gorgeous stoma-friendly bathroom for A & M

  A CGI sketch of a bathroom in light mauve colour. Toilet on left with small hand basin beside, underneath a small shelf with flowers and artwork above. Shower area on right, separated by screen, featuring a discreet wall hung shower seat. Two storage niches beside seat with rainwater shower above

A sketch of A and M's new stoma-friendly bathroom design

M is a wheelchair user and uses a colostomy bag. Their current bathroom was difficult to move around, had a bath they could no longer use, and nowhere to store and set up all the bits and bobs needed to change a stoma bag near the toilet.

Important to the design for A and M was to include 2 basins: a standard hand basin (with space underneath to use from seated) plus a carefully positioned smaller basin and a shelf beside the toilet to give clean water, space and storage for changing a stoma bag.

The mosaic tiles in the storage niches add a touch of glam too! 

Featured products:

  • Wash & Dry toilet

  • Freestyle Horseshoe shape fold up shower seat

  • Bliss bi-fold screen

  • Modale rainwater shower

  • Circula shower riser with built in grab rail support

  • Vesta cloakroom basin

  • Four Seasons mosaic wall tiles