A more MS-friendly bathroom for K and her fiance

Birdseye view floor plan in sketch style of a level access wet room, including shower area (bottom left beside a panelled door), basin (top right) and toilet (bottom right with window beside).

A sketch of our design for K and her fiance.

This is a really special bathroom in brushed brass for K and her fiancé. K has MS and their current bathroom has a bath and shower she can no longer get into on her own. K came to Fine & Able to design a fresh space with a walk-in shower that works for the both of them, as well as future buyers.

For K and her fiancé it was really important that any changes they make to improve access doesn't put off future buyers. This is their first home and very much a start on the ladder, so they don't expect to be there forever. She said that the grab rails she had found elsewhere were generally ugly and clinical-looking.

K is really into interior design and brought her own mood boards to her design consult via Zoom. Our design consultant, Alison, incorporated these into the design and K was delighted with the outcome. K was particularly excited to see Fine & Able stocked brushed brass taps and shower fittings. She really wanted a floating basin built into a countertop surround too to provide stylish storage space and a contemporary feel and Alison was also able to include this.

Featured products:

  • Vesta wall hung basin
  • Vesta Wall hung toilet
  • Libero rainwater shower in brushed brass
  • Libero comfort lever basin taps in brushed brass
  • Libero concealed shower valve in brushed brass
  • Padded shower seat in anthracite grey
  • Ergo shower screen with pivoting deflector panel
  • Consilio anti-scald towel rail
  • Various slip-resistant floor tiles and wall tiles
  • Circula L-shaped shower riser rail with built-in support
  • Circula hinged grab rail
  • Illuminated mirror

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