A special niche for B's crutches beside her shower

A computer generated sketch of a Fine & Able level access wetroom design focusing on shower area with built in shower bench, wall hung toilet and basin, with multiple niches inlaid with decorative hexagonal tiles

A sketch of our design for B.

B uses crutches, but when she showers she needs to leave them outside the shower area. Her current bathroom makes this very difficult. They get wet, fall over, or are out of reach.

We really wanted to share B's design because, for us, there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf design. Every person is an expert in their own condition. Diversity and inclusion is built into everything we do. Our design consultants work closely with every customer to create designs that work just for them.

Working with B, we have come up with innovative solutions built around B and how she wants to enjoy the space. If you look closely you'll notice a special niche beside the shower area that is actually a spot specifically to keep her crutches nearby and dry. There are all sorts of other clever design features built in too, including the bi-fold screen which folds in a way that gives her just the right space to access the shower area as she prefers.

Featured products:

  • Vesta wall hung toilet
  • Circula L-shape shower riser rail with built in support
  • Light touch flush plate
  • Easy clean shower baskets
  • SurfaceHold basin
  • Modale brassware
  • Bliss Bi-Fold shower door
  • Illuminated mirror
  • Wall and floor tiles - various F&A slip-resistant finishes

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