An accessible wetroom for N & L's dad

CGI sketch of N and L's new accessible shower room, focusing on shower enclosure with wall mounted shower seat and storage niches to side

When people go to visit family during the holidays, it often becomes clear how much older family member’s needs have changed throughout the year and how unsafe their homes have become.
This is exactly what happened to N and L.
Back in 2019, N and L went to visit L's dad for Christmas. It soon became very clear that things that had once been easy for her dad had now become increasingly difficult and unsafe and he was now finding it very difficult to get to and use the bathroom.
N and L ended up staying much longer than Christmas, and eventually moved in to look after him in his own home long-term. Together they also began looking for a more suitable home where they could all live more comfortably.
They recently found a bungalow that worked for them all and, with Fine & Able’s help, they have been renovating one of the bedrooms to include an accessible wetroom for dad. They have included a wash and dry toilet, rails that can be added as and when required, and a shower seat. They have also added wide sliding doors that can fit a wheelchair through from the bedroom to make things easier now and in the future.

It has made a huge difference day-to-day in terms of L's dad's independence now, and peace of mind for everyone that they'll be able to look after L's dad for the long-term.

CGI sketch of N and L's new accessible wetroom for their disabled father. Featuring a wash and dry toilet with grab rails either side, basin, illuminated mirror and towel rail

Featured products:

  • Desergo shower chair
  • Twelvenoon slip-resistant wood effect floor tiles
  • Hestian tall storage unit
  • Circula hinged removable rails
  • Aquaclean wash and dry care toilet
  • Illuminated mirror

If you have a family member who is starting to struggle at home, get in touch with Fine & Able to see how we can help create a bathroom that works better for them, while still feeling warm and homely. Contact the team here or all 0808 134 2727.