Project reveal: D's shower room that adapts with him

We love it when our customers share photos of their newly completed bathrooms. This week D & K sent us a couple of snaps and it is wonderful to see their vision come to life. 

Back in November 2019, D approached Fine & Able after a diagnosis of motor neurone disease. He and his partner, K, wanted to make sure that the home they adored - a new build they bought seven years ago - could adapt as D’s condition progressed.

We helped them with the design-thinking to create a sleek, future-proofed bathroom. This included changing the layout to create the necessary space for a wheelchair in the future, advising on heights of rails, positioning of storage niches and shower controls. We also suggested innovative products available to them.

D & K's grey tiled accessible wetroom at night with ceiling spot lights on.

D & K's newly completed shower room with 'daylight' lighting

Note the details such as the shower controls just outside of the shower area so that the water can be run until the right temperature is reached before getting wet. A cleverly placed storage niche also allows easy access to shower products from seated. Subtle design details like these make a big difference to a space that's more comfortable to use day-to-day.  

The couple sourced all the tiles and products themselves to achieve exactly the look they wanted. We are delighted they chose our removeable rails from the Fine & Able Circula Collection as part of their room set. This style of grab rail is perfect for future-proofing as they are so simple and safe to clip on and off as and when they are required.

“The grab rails are the final piece in our shower room, they look and feel splendid, thank you so much.” 

We particularly love the lighting they have chosen to create different moods. Full ‘daylight’ lighting is perfect for kickstarting the day and tasks that need a little more precision and focus. Warmer, more subdued lighting in the niches offers a more relaxing feel. 

D & K's Grey tiled wetroom at night with softly illuminated niches

D & K's new shower room with softly lit storage niches

We think you’ll agree they have created something really special.

If you would like us to help you design a future-proofed, access-friendly bathroom, get in touch to book your free consultation. Designs are charged at £99+VAT.