Fine & Able and Stiltz Homelifts champion holistic home accessibility.

At Fine & Able, our beautiful accessible bathrooms are leading the way in inclusive home design. We’re delighted to announce the continued strengthening of links with other adaptation specialists who share our commitment to aesthetics as well as access.

Our most recent partnership is with the elegant domestic lift company, Stiltz Homelifts. A Stiltz Home Lift provides an attractive and discreet alternative to stairlifts. The team at Stiltz help thousands of customers every year to make their homes more accessible in a way that complements their home.

A Stiltz Homelisft in a bright living space with person stepping in

We strongly believe in collaborating with like-minded businesses to offer the best possible service for our customers. It offers a unique opportunity to signpost our customers towards trusted partners who provide high-quality adaptations which complement our bathrooms.

Stiltz specialise in home lifts that fit in easily and are easy to fit. Their unique range of home lifts are the first and only lifts of their kind to be available in the UK. Thanks to their small footprint,  drive mechanism and dual rail technology, the Stiltz Home Lift has an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other domestic lifts cannot meaning they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. Unlike conventional domestic lifts, Stiltz home lifts do not use hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor that plugs straight into a normal 13 amp power socket like any other household appliance.

Couple seated in a large light modern living space. Stiltz homelift beside a wheelchair at rear

Ed Warner, Founder of Fine & Able, “There are clever ways to design flexible homes that you wouldn’t necessarily know were designed to meet a specific need. At Fine & Able, we’ve designed the clinical look and feel out of accessible bathrooms and created beautiful solutions. Forging a closer association with Stiltz Homelifts makes perfect sense.”

Yola Mealing, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications at Stiltz Homelifts agrees: “The styling and functionality of our domestic lifts aligns perfectly with Fine & Able’s approach. While we continue to disrupt the traditional stairlift industry we are mindful to provide an attractive, flexible and futureproofed product for the end-user. By working together, we can ensure this message is amplified so more people can stay in the home they love, for longer.”