Fine & Able accessible bathroom featured on George Clarke’s Old House New Home

We are delighted that a beautiful Fine & Able bathroom created for a multi-generational family, spanning 16 to 91 years of age, has been featured on George Clarke’s Old House New Home.

You can watch the full episode on Channel 4 here (Series 7, Episode 4, Maria & Masum)

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Professional couple Masum and Maria live in a three-story Victorian terraced house with their three teenage children aged 16, 18 and 19 and Maria’s 91-year-old mother, Margaret.

Margaret moved in with her daughter after her husband passed away. She moved into the family’s upstairs room which had lovely views, privacy, and its own small shower room. As is very typical, the room worked well enough for her at first, but over time it had become more challenging to use, to the point that Margaret could no longer shower independently.

Corner shower enclosure with raised shower tray and glass door and medical looking shower stool outside cubicle

Without anywhere to hold on, the existing shower cubicle had become particularly difficult for Margaret to navigate as she had become increasingly unsteady on her feet. The small step into the shower enclosure was also causing her to trip and fall. Margaret also required a shower stool to give her a place to rest while washing but she hated how medical this looked. It also cluttered the tiny bathroom, creating more trip hazards. Margaret also felt very claustrophobic and anxious in the small, enclosed cubicle.

The small fiddly button flush controls for her standard toilet had become almost impossible to use with the arthritis in Margaret’s hands.

Appointing Fine & Able

Maria and Masum wanted to transform this small, awkwardly shaped loft bathroom into a more accessible en-suite that worked for Margaret, but also for their teenage daughter, Sophia, who also shared the space.

Typically accessible and future-proofed renovations look very clinical. For this reason, Margaret had never wanted any kind of accessible adaptations until she came across Fine & Able. With the Fine & Able collection she felt she would be able to create a chic modern bathroom that her 19-year-old granddaughter would also love rather than ‘an old person’s bathroom’.

"We were so glad to have found Fine & Able. Their range and approach is so different from anything else we had seen”


The family appointed Fine & Able to create an elegant and modern bathroom that Margaret could use safely on her own again, but which could also be accessed from her bedroom with assistance or using a wheelchair, should this ever be required in the future. Most importantly, to the outside eye the family didn’t want it to look like an adapted bathroom.


The new ensuite bathroom is a perfect blend of style and support. The matt black styling and rainwater shower give the bathroom a modern look and luxurious feel that works for all.

Image credit: @amazingtelly and @annabelmoellerphotography 

Margaret's new accessible en suite shower room. Showing bedroom and ensuite. White marble tiles with matt black fittings in bathroom. Neatral toned bedroom with skylight and pops of peacock blue and coral in styling.

View through the door to Margaret's new accessible ensuite shower room. White marble tiles with matt black grab rails and taps. Small window to rear
View into the shower area of Margaret's new accessible ensuite wetroom, and into hallway beyond. White marble tiles with matt black wall mounted shower seat, shower riser rail and rainwater shower.
Corner view of marble tile and matt black accessible shower room focusing on wash and dry toilet and small basin
Margarets new bedroom area, neutral colour walls with skylight, with bright blue bed headboard and statement chair in corner

It has transformed things for mum. It wasn’t just the products we loved – which were beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right - it was the advice on how to use the space most effectively which we really valued


Margaret is delighted to have a shower which she can use independently again and a space that makes her smile. She particularly loves the large open shower area and the bi-fold door that she says is so light to move. The seat neatly tucks out of the way when not in use, maximising the space in the small room. It has also given the family peace of mind that should their grandmother ever require more support, the family home can evolve with her.

Central to Fine & Able’s design were:

  • Matt black grab rails set against pale marble tiles to provide excellent visual definition for older eyes
  • A sleek black fold up shower seat to mitigate against the unsteadiness Margaret had been experiencing while showering
  • A matching matt black shower riser rail which doubles up as a grab rail
  • A bi-fold shower door as a space-saving solution that allows the small space to open-up and fit a wheelchair
  • A wash and dry toilet which enables Margaret to use the toilet without the need for any awkward bending or twisting
  • Easy to use taps
  • Slightly lowered basin to make it easier to reach the taps

Multi-generational homes

Multi-generational homes like Maria and her family’s are becoming more and more popular in the wake of Covid 19. Keeping people safe and together has never felt more important. 

With the social care crisis continuing to gather pace, we are seeing greater numbers of customers wanting to stay in their own homes and make adaptations that keep them safe but don’t compromise on the look and feel of their home

Fine & Able Founder and CEO and Government Sector Champion for the Design of Spaces & Products, Ed Warner

Featured products

  • Libero matt black taps and shower fittings
  • Freestyle matt black L-shaped shower riser rail
  • Marble tiles
  • Bliss Bi-Fold doors
  • Wash & dry toilet

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