Four things that might surprise you about wash and dry toilets

A wall hung wash and dry toilet on a freestanding wall in the middle of a bathroom with black towel ladder, framed artwork and accents

A V-Care Smart Toilet

Wash and dry toilets, (often known as Japanese style, smart toilets, or smart bidets) are the pinnacle of comfort and hygiene. Whether to support independence in the bathroom or just because you like the latest technology, they can be a great choice for your next bathroom update.

While they are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, and are in fact the norm in many countries already, they are still  a bit of a mystery to lots of people.

Here are a few facts you might be surprised to find out.

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1. They are self-cleaning!

Anything that makes keeping the bathroom bright and shiny with less effort is a win in our books. The pan and nozzles go through a cleaning programme after every use to keep everything hygienic. They also have deodourisation functions to help keep undesirable aromas at bay.

2. They can be set for different users

Friends and family members will often use the same toilet. With our wash and dry toilets, multiple individual profiles can be saved for a truly personal experience. Water and air temperature, pressure, and spray patterns are all customizable. Some models can be adjusted a few millimetres in height to suit different users. There are even different functions specifically designed for male/female parts. 

How wash and dry toilets work at a glance:


3. They are great for maintaining independence

Using toilet paper requires twisting, reaching, balance and co-ordination that can be difficult or uncomfortable for many people, especially as we get older. Since a wash and dry style toilet combines a shower and drying function that activates while seated, they leave you feeling fresh and clean without any awkward movements. This makes it possible to use the toilet independently for much longer.

4. They use the latest technology to make life easier

As well as a remote control, some models also have voice control options, and apps for mobile phones. Some can be set to automatically open as you approach using motion sensors. Despite all this technology, they are incredibly reliable and, even if there is a power cut, they still operate as a standard toiles with a manual flush.

Built-in nightlights (in a range of brightness levels and colours) are incredibly useful for night-time visits.

Heated seats add an extra layer of comfort and luxury that some users may enjoy.

 A Japanese style toilet in the dark with a purple night light glowing beneath

An Aquaclean Mera wall mounted WC in white and chrome featuring night light function.

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