3D visuals bring your design to life

We know it can be very difficult to imagine what a new accessible layout or products might look like in your space. That's why we offer 3D visuals as part of our design consultations. It's also a really fun and exciting part of the process to be able to properly picture your dream bathroom!

Computer generated image of a fully tiled level access wet room in neutral tones and wood effect floor and storage niches

An example of a 3D render created as part of our consultations

Known as a render, this is the kind of 3D visual we can provide to help bring our designs to life for you during our free consultations. At a glance it might be easy to mistake these images as the real thing.

What we need from you

With just a few measurements of your existing bathroom and a chat about what you are looking for we can create an almost photo-realistic 3D render, showing you how everything would look in your space. Choose the whole design, or just some of the products.

Technical drawings

Of course, technical drawings are still a vital part of any bathroom redesign and install. If you like our designs, our experts will go on to produce the floor plans and elevations to ensure your dream accessible bathroom works just as it should. They are detailed, scale drawings that show the exact positioning required for each product, tailored to your individual requirements, and form an essential guide for contractors during the installation process. They just don't capture the imagination quite like a render though! 

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