Sue’s ‘practical and elegant’ future-proofed bathroom

Sue wanted a chic and modern bathroom that would suit her now, and be able to adapt as she got older. The result is a beautiful oasis of calm, full of discreet support and personal touches that gives her and her daughter peace of mind.

Sue's future-proofed shower enclosure after transformation.

Sue's new future-proofed bathroom

Who lives here?

Sue, who is in her early 70s, moved in with her daughter and son-in-law in separate living accommodation. With Fine & Able products and expertise they have created an accessible bathroom for Sue and future-proofed their home. 

What was wrong with the old bathroom?

Sue’s bathroom didn’t offer the flexibility she wanted to make sure she could stay safe and independent in her own home long-term.

She says: ‘Although I’m still reasonably fit and active, I knew I wanted a bathroom that would be accessible and stylish and that I could future-proof so that it could adapt to my needs as I got older.’

What does it look like now?

Sue's newly future-proofed bathroom looking through an open sliding pocket door to the rest of her home.

Sue's new bathroom with wall-mounted toilet and removeable grab rails.

Sue's future-proofed bathroom after modifications, focussing on recessed wall-hung basin with integrated hand grips, white towel hanging from hand holds.

Sue's new shower area with folding shower seat, bi-folding shower screen and beautiful recessed storage.

What does Sue like most about the room?

The support rail next to the toilet helps her stand with ease and she uses the fold down shower seat to enjoy more relaxing showers.

Knowing that the removable grab rails can be added when needed – and are simple to fix – brings peace of mind to both Sue and her daughter. ‘I can retain independence and stay safe in my home,’ says Sue.

One feature that Sue particularly likes is the basin with integrated hand grips that can double as a towel rail which she describes as ‘practical and elegant’. The bathroom is covered in a vinyl metallic effect wall covering which she says she’s ‘delighted’ with and gives the room a chic and modern look.

What would you say to someone else thinking about future-proofing their home?

‘I would definitely recommend Fine & Able to a friend,’ says Sue. ‘The team are very knowledgeable; they ask key questions to understand their clients’ needs and they’re always ready to listen and find a solution. My bathroom is accessible but because of the quality and style, you don’t feel you’re walking into a disabled bathroom. I’m very pleased with it.’

If you're interested in future-proofing your bathroom like Sue, download our brochure or get in touch to see how the Fine & Able team can help you.