How to buy an inclusive bathroom

Inclusive Bathrooms & how to future proof your space. Listen Now. How to buy a Kitchen or Bathroom podcast with Lindsay blair graphic.


One for your essential podcast listening! We love reading Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine so we were delighted to join them on their podcast: How to Buy A Kitchen or Bathroom.

We joined host, Lindsay Blair, (Editor of These Three Rooms), to talk about inclusive bathroom design and how to future-proof your space so it works for years to come.

With many variables that are very personal to whoever uses the bathroom in question, we chatted to Lindsay about the many ways in which a room can be created to cater to individual needs while maintaining a stylish design that’s a joy to use.

From carefully considering the room layout to the choice of fixtures and fittings, we talked about how important it is to ensure what you put in your bathroom will suit the needs of everyone using it.

It is absolutely possible to marry inclusivity, future proofing and good function with great, good-looking design, so give this one a listen to find out more…

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