How to design an easy-clean, future-proofed bathroom

A recent survey found that we spend six hours on average per week cleaning our homes. Some of us a lot longer. The bathroom is one of the biggest time sinks. It’s essential, but a hassle most of us could live without.

Creating a bathroom that is easy to maintain and keep clean is a vitally important - but often overlooked - part of future-proofing your home.

When you come to make updates in your bathroom, always think about how to design out awkward nooks and crannies. Give yourself a helping hand by choosing finishes and features that will reduce, rather than add to, your workload.

Your future self will thank you. Come to think of it, so will your current self!

Here are a few of our favourite tips for an easy-clean bathroom: 

Wall-mounted options

Wall-mounted toilets and basins not only create a beautiful sense of space, they’re also a dream to clean under and around. One swift swipe of a mop and you’re done.

SurfaceHold hand basin with integrated hand grips and chrome taps mounted under a bathroom window.

SurfaceHold basin 850mm


Choosing a toilet with a completely smooth wraparound finish on the outside (called shrouding) covers unsightly plumbing and reduces places for dirt to hide.

Shrouded floor-standing toilet with hidden cistern in the corner of a bathroom.

Comfort Height Back to Wall Toilet & Seat

Rimless bowls

What’s on the inside counts too. A rimless toilet bowl is a must for an easy-clean bathroom, eliminating hidden areas where germs can lurk.

Special finishes

Some toilets also have special coatings so that dirt can’t stick. Some also have clever flush technology that swirls the water around in such a way that keeps things nice and shiny.

Automatic cleaning

If you want to get really fancy, some wash and dry toilets can even clean themselves at the push of a button.

Wash and dry AquaClean Mera toilet mounted on a marble-effect tiled bathroom wall.

AquaClean Mera Wall Mounted WC


Composite basins offer exceptional durability and hygiene. Their construction creates smooth, seamless designs without a crevice or gap in sight. They are non-porous, scratch-proof and super easy to wipe down.

SurfaceHold hand basin with waterfall edge.

SurfaceHold basin 650mm

Special treatments

Similarly, a shower screen with an anti-limescale treatment makes it much harder for soap scum to stick.

Waterfall edges

Basins with sloped edges where they connect to the wall (often called waterfall edges) prevent the build-up of water in an otherwise mould-growth hotspot.

Demister pads

Demister pads in mirrors are one of our favourite features. Not only are you able to see yourself better, but gone are unsightly smears from using your hand to wipe away the steam, or the marks left behind by trickling water.

A large illuminated bathroom mirror with demister pad above a hand basin.

LED light mirror front lit 900mm


Keeping your bathroom well ventilated and just the right temperature is also essential to keep mould at bay. Think about underfloor heating, windows that are easy to reach and open and quality extractor fans.


Choosing larger tiles will mean fewer grout lines to keep clean. Consider a darker-coloured grout too. Not only does it look great as a design feature, it can be more forgiving than the more traditional white version and easier to keep looking smart.

Close up of a matt copper-effect tiled bathroom floor.

Trust Copper Matt 600x600mm

Heated towel rail

And finally, a heated towel rail will keep your towels fluffy, dry and fresh for longer. A warm towel is one of life’s little luxuries too.

Chrome Hyde anti-scald towel rail with five rungs, in a bathroom with a freestanding bath.

Hyde anti-scald towel rail 1200mm

Our experts are here to help if you need any advice choosing products to future-proof your home, or have any questions about any of the easy-clean features of the Fine & Able range. Get in touch!