How to future-proof your bathroom

A future-proofed bathroom.

A future-proofed bathroom can look beautiful as well as being functional

When it comes to future-proofing your bathroom and improving the accessibility of your home, it’s all in the details: a slip-resistant tile, a discreet place to steady yourself, a clever layout, subtly adjusted heights, intelligent lighting. 

People think it’s about big specialist equipment and obtrusive white plastic. It’s really about the clever use of your space, helpful product features and a dash of creativity.  

Making sure things are as easy as possible to keep clean and in great condition plays a big part too, so you’re not adding unnecessary hassle.  

You don’t need lots of room and it doesn’t have to cost any more than a standard update. With careful planning it will last you for years. Flexible future-proofed designs don’t take much to refresh, saving you from the headache of another big refurbishment further down the line 

Most of the features you’ll barely notice in terms of appeal, but you’ll really notice them in terms of comfort.  

Best of all, accessible design can be enjoyed by everyone. 

At Fine & Able, creative thinking is what we do. We are the experts in beautifully balancing form and function and making spaces that are a delight to use rather than a chore. 

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