Preparing for your bathroom design consultation

A Fine and Able design consultant with a customer pointing to a computer screen in the Fine & Able showroom

Your design consultation is the first stage of the exciting journey to your new bathroom.

Our design consultations take place virtually via Microsoft Teams or face-to-face, depending on what works for you. You are also welcome to book an appointment to visit our accessible showroom in Twickenham to explore our range and meet our team.

What to expect

First things first, we will introduce you to your Design Consultant, who will become your key contact throughout your project.

During our conversation we will talk to you about what you’re looking for from your new bathroom in terms of style and function. We'll discuss the challenges your current bathroom poses you and explore possible solutions.

Our consultations are very informal and the most important thing is to enjoy the process.

What to prepare for your design consultation

To help us make the most of our time, we encourage customers to take a few moments to look through our brochure and consider which collections you are most drawn to.

Download our brochure here

If you have seen any pictures of bathrooms you like, please feel free share them with us via email or bring them to the consultation. If you're not sure what kind of style you are looking for, don't worry, your Design Consultant will work with you to create a look and feel that works for you and your home.

We will also ask you to complete a very short form with a few details about your current bathroom. We will send this to you in advance, alongside some information about VAT exemptions.

Measurements of your current bathroom

In order to help us create the most accurate design and make sure all the products we suggest will fit, we need a few key measurements of your existing room. A couple of photographs or a short video of your current room is also very helpful. We will send you information about exactly which dimensions we need and how to take these when you book your consultation.  

We have also created this quick guide to measuring your bathroom.

If you need any assistance taking measurements, please just let us know.

Some customers also like to show us round their current bathroom while on video call. This isn't essential, but can be very useful as we can really get to know your room. No need to tidy up on our behalf - we have seen it all! 

Next steps

At the end of your consultation we will book a convenient time to present our design for your new bathroom back to you.

Book a design consultation

Book a design consultation today by calling 0808 134 2727 or using our contact us form.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how our consultations work.