Project in progress: A shower room that works perfectly with D’s shower chair

Our latest simple sketch to capture your imagination and show you what we’re working on.

The brief

D uses a shower commode chair in his bathroom. Shower chairs can be quite big and bulky, with large turning circles, and there are many different types. D needed a design that accommodated the exact specifications of his particular style of chair.

The design

A sketch of a wetroom focussed on a wall hung basin and tall mirror in the centre, flanked by a level access shower to the left and a toilet to the right

Most important was getting the height of his toilet spot on so his chair could reverse over it. We built up the walls either side of the basin to support a wall-hung toilet mounted at his ideal height. This also allowed the creation of a storage niche behind the toilet. We reflected this niche in the shower area for a dash of pleasing symmetry and similar, easy-reach storage while washing.

A gorgeous, tall illuminated mirror (that can be viewed from seated or standing) was recessed into a beautifully tiled niche to make a stunning focal point of the wall-hung basin. It is open underneath so D can get his legs under in his chair, and mounted at the perfect height for D to reach the taps and wash his face comfortably.

On the other side of the basin, a shower screen with a pivoting end panel was chosen. This style maximises space for D to move around when he is not using the shower, but protects the rest of the bathroom from splashes when he is. A shower riser rail with integrated support, provides D with a safe and sturdy hand hold to move himself into and out of the shower area.

Featured products

  • Wall-hung toilet from our Consilio Collection
  • Ergo wet room screen
  • Illuminated mirror with demister pad
  • L-shaped shower riser rail from our Circula range
  • Libero Collection lever taps
  • Various slip-resistant tiles from our wide Fine & Able range

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