Project in progress: Creating a future-proofed wet room for R’s parents

Up and down the country our team has been busy measuring, designing and providing quotes. We wanted to share a few early sketches from some of the projects we're working on. We hope these simple drawings give you just a little bit of inspiration about what might be possible in your own space. We’d love to know what you think too!

The brief

First up is R. R contacted us to design a shower room for his parents. At the moment they are mobile but his dad’s health is getting worse and he will require some extra support soon. His folks had seen the accessible wet room at Molletts Farm which we worked on a while back They found it enjoyable and easy to use and wanted to do something similar in their own home.

The design

A corner view of an accessible bathroom, featuring a wall hung toilet to the left under a window and a basin on a shelf and storage cupboard on the right


We’ve laid out the room in such a way that there is plenty of room for a wheelchair to move around and pull up under the sink if this is required in the future. A hinged grab rail beside the toilet is fully removeable so R’s parents don’t have to have it fixed right away, but everyone has peace of mind knowing it can be fitted in seconds should they need it.

We love the shelf behind the toilet for extra storage. Using a half height frame and cistern and boxing it in (with the correct preparation – always speak to an expert first) gives you options for wall-mounted toilets in tricky spots like this one under the window. The flush plate goes on the top (so it’s not covered by the toilet seat when it’s up) and you end up with a handy shelf like this for decoration or to keep all your essentials in easy view and reach.

Featured products

  • Wall-hung toilet and basin from our Vesta Collection
  • Illuminated mirror with demister pad
  • Half height frame and cistern with top mounted flush plate.
  • Removeable hinged rail from our Circula Collection
  • Modale Collection lever taps
  • Various slip-resistant tiles from our wide Fine & Able range

Get in touch if you think we can help with your accessible bathroom!