Shower bench or shower seat?

A CGI sketch of a shower area in a fuly tiled level access wetroom, a curved tiled bench is built into shower enclosure with storage niches beside and glass screen

A recent shower bench design for a customer living with MS.

Which do you prefer? It's a very individual thing. That's why we can do both at Fine & Able! 

Here's a design we did recently for one of our customers living with MS. They told us they have good days and bad days, so they wanted to build in a place to rest occasionally.

We might have suggested a neat little fold-up seat that can be tucked out of the way when it's not needed to give more space (we have many options - check out our brochure!), but S wanted to take the opportunity to add a touch of spa like glamour 24/7! Happy to oblige!

When it comes to seating in the bathroom, our expert designers can help you understand the options and consider things like armrests, padding, slip-resistant tiles and wall strength to make sure it works for you and your space. Our team are highly experienced at designing seats of many different shapes and sizes so you'll have peace of mind that whatever style you choose, it will be safe and secure.

Get in touch for a design consultation to discuss your project and what might work in your space. 

Featured products:

  • Ergo wet room screen
  • Circula removable grab rails and supportive shower riser
  • Modale light touch shower controls and rainwater shower
  • Various slip-resistant tiles