Make a splash with slip-resistant tiles

With so many beautiful finishes now available in slip-resistant tiles, they are an ideal choice for wetrooms. They offer safety and style in perfect balance.

Here’s why they can make a great addition to your bathroom renovation project. 

Accessible bathroom in copper tones with non-slip tile flooring.

Trust Copper 600x600mm floor tile

They’re extremely hardwearing 

Slip-resistant tiles are great for areas that see a lot of use, such as bathrooms. Made from porcelain, they may sound delicate, but they are actually extremely durable. Finer particles fired at higher temperatures create a less porous surface that’s easier to keep clean compared to standard ceramic tiles. Paired with the right kind of grout and they’re very hygienic too. 

Get a wood effect floor for a snip of the price 

If you’ve always fancied a solid wood floor, but not the price tag, slip-resistant wood effect tiles offer a more affordable option and look uncannily like the real deal. These tiles also give you the option to bring wood into spaces where it wouldn’t usually be suitable, such as bathrooms, creating a softer, more natural feel. You won’t have to worry about scratches on your beautiful new floor either as tiles are extremely hardy. They can mimic all sorts of other flooring types very convincingly too. Get in touch for our full range.  

Close up of wood-effect, non-slip tiled floor with a vase of flowers on it.

Wood-effect tiles

It’s the safer option 

Every year, slips in the bathroom are one of the biggest causes of injury amongst all age groups. Water, shampoo and smooth tiles just don’t mix well.  Catch a stray droplet at the wrong angle and we all know what can happen. A lightly textured, matt finish can help you feel safe and makes it much harder to lose purchase.  

Slip resistance is measured using the PTV (Pendulum Test Value) scale. This test very simply and effectively mimics the action of a foot (in shoes and barefoot) walking over a floor. All our tiles are at least 36 PTV, which is the rating considered excellent for slip resistance and ideal for floors likely to be covered with water, including a wetroom.  

You may have also heard the term 'R' with relation to slip-resistance. This refers to the Ramp Test. However, the ramp test is not approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This is why all Fine & Able tiles are measured using PTV.

No harder to clean than standard tiles 

We wish there was an option for a completely self-cleaning floor (!) but all flooring needs some care and attention to keep surfaces fresh and hygienic. However, there is a misconception that slip-resistant tiles gather more dirt because of their matt surface. With the right cleaning, washing your tiled floor need be no more taxing than with any other surface.  

Indeed, the textured surface of slip-resistant tiles makes them more forgiving than their smoother counterparts, which can be a nightmare to keep clear of dried water marks. 

Bathroom with grey slip-resistant floor tiles in a modern style.

Bravestone Grey 600x300mm

They feel good underfoot  

It’s a common misconception that the texture of slip-resistant tiles feel rough and uncomfortable underfoot. However, the styles available vary greatly. Our Fine & Able experts have carefully curated our range to bring you the safest options possible for a wetroom, but also with a luxury feel.


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