The little details that make a big difference when buying a toilet

Who knew there could be so many options when choosing a toilet?

Here are some of our favourite little details that are often overlooked, but which can add up to a big difference.


Standard toilets feature all kinds of ridges, niches and fixings on the outside of the pedestal that can be a paradise for germs. Choosing one with a completely smooth, seamless base (known as shrouding), stops dirt getting trapped and is much easier to clean. It also covers unsightly plumbing, giving your bathroom a much more minimal feel. 

This feature is available in both wall-mounted or floor-standing toilets. 

Shrouded floor-standing toilet pan with hidden cistern in the corner of a bathroom.

Comfort Height Back to Wall Toilet & Seat

Rimless bowls 

One of our favourite features and a real hidden hero when it comes to cleaning. Rimless toilets don’t have a rim on the inside of the bowl where dirt and germs can hide. Instead, their smooth inner can be wiped in a single action using just a cloth, making it much easier and quicker to clean compared to standard toilets. Since nothing can get trapped, it makes your bathroom smell fresher for longer too.  

A place to hold on 

If you have joint pain or stiffness, difficulties with weakness or balance, or transfer from a wheelchair, cleverly positioned grab rails by your loo can give a little extra support getting on and off. Hinged styles fold up neatly beside the toilet when not in use. You can even hang your toilet roll on them in easy reach. L-shaped rails are particularly useful beside the toilet as their shaping allows you to pull and/or push on them as you need. We have a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from, including ones that are fully removable and some that have an insulated core so they are nicer to touch and easier to grip. 

Chrome L-shaped and hinged grab rails either side of a wall mounted toilet.

Hinged grab rail 600mm, L shape grab rail

Toilet roll holder 

The toilet roll holder is one of the most overlooked items in the bathroom but can make a huge difference to your comfort. We use them several times a day so it doesn’t make sense to position it somewhere that requires awkward bending, leaning, or twisting. Instead, take time to fix it within easy reach by wall-mounting at just the right height and distance from you when seated. If you don’t have a wall beside you, a hinged rail with a toilet roll holder could be an option to bring the loo roll closer.  

Toilet brush 

Usually an afterthought and unceremoniously shoved in a corner, but toilet brushes are bathroom essentials. Wall-mounting them at a more comfortable height means you won’t have to do acrobatics every time you need it. It also reduces clutter on your floor, which makes cleaning less hassle and tripping less likely. 

Toilet seat 

Having a wobbly toilet seat ranges from the mildly annoying to the downright dangerous. Either way, not good. Look for styles with buffers and reinforced hinges. These have special grooves that stop the seat from slipping side-to-side, and keep it exactly where it’s meant to be even when moving from a wheelchair to the toilet. 

Soft-close styles are a nice touch that rid the room of loud bangs and prevent trapped fingers. 

Quick-release styles make cleaning much faster and thorough as you won’t have to clean around awkward and unhygienic fixings. 

Flush controls 

Fiddly flushes are a pain. They are also unhygienic. Think about options with larger buttons that only need a light touch to use. These can be operated with palm, fist or elbow. The bigger the controls, the easier they are to spot too, which is great for trips to the loo at night or certain visual impairments. Other flush buttons are slightly raised, which is pleasing to use and easier to locate by touch alone.  

Be careful to think about the position of the flush controls too. Will they be hidden behind the toilet cover when it’s open? 

Close up of matt chrome Sigma Dual Action flush plate, two circular buttons, one large one small, in a rectangular housing.

Sigma Dual Action Flush Plate Matt Chrome

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