Three of our favourite accessible shower room details

Shower riser rail / grab rail combi

A shower area with a white fold up shower seat and chrome T-shaped grab rail riser rail to the left

T-shaped shower riser rail with integrated support from our Circula range

We love this hidden hero. All the support of a grab rail cleverly built into your shower riser rail. No one except you will ever know. They come standard, L or T shaped.

All our riser rails have easy-to-operate clips for adjusting the height of the shower head too. Great for soapy hands!

Bi-fold screens

An aerial view of a corner glass shower enclosure with matt black handles in a step free wet room

Bliss bi-folding screens with matt black handles

These incredibly versatile screens fold entirely flat against the wall when not in use. Amazing for opening your space up for cleaning, carer access, wheelchair circulation or just creating a beautiful sense of openness.

They can be used in lots of configurations to suit all sorts of rooms, whether sectioning off whole areas, or creating corner enclosures, both individually or in pairs. The seal along their bottom edge means water stays where it’s meant to be without anything to trip over on the floor.

Toughened glass, anti-limescale coating, options for frosting and different handle finishes make these screens a hardworking bathroom staple.

Wall-mounted easy-clean shower baskets

 blue tiled shower room with a large mirror behind the toilet and basin. A chrome corner storage caddy is in the shower area.

Easyclean corner shower basket - available with black or white removable insert

An often-overlooked detail when planning a bathroom, but an absolute necessity to keep your shampoo in easy view and reach. We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Balancing bottles along a windowsill, bath edge or just on the floor? Wall-mounting them in just the right spot prevents all the unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous, bending or stretching. Best of all, ours won’t rust, and have an insert that you can easily remove to clean and stop the build-up of mould.

If you prefer a sleeker look, we also love recessed shower niches. Add a contrasting tile on the inside to really make a feature of them. 

A wet room shower area featuring a recessed storage niche beside the shower riser rail

A recessed shower storage niche

If you’d like to know more about any of these features, get in touch with one of our experts or download a brochure.