VAT relief for your bathroom adaptations

Many of our customers don’t realise they qualify for VAT relief when improving the accessibility of their home. Making your bathroom more accessible can be a big project and VAT relief can make an important difference to the cost.

When you get in touch with us to discuss your project, we will always ask you whether you might be eligible for VAT relief, so you can factor this into your budget calculations.

What is VAT relief?

If you are disabled, or have a long-term condition such as diabetes, you could be eligible to buy many Fine & Able products VAT-free.

More information on the exact criteria can be found on the government website:

Here to help

This financial support available for making adaptations is not generally very well known. However, the team at Fine & Able are very experienced with the process and are here to help. When you work with us, we will guide you through everything and help you to access all the support you are eligible for.

How it works

All the prices listed on our website and in our brochure include VAT. To access VAT relief, you will need to contact us directly by phone or email to discuss if you qualify. We will then send you a VAT relief form. Once you have signed and returned this form to us, our team will organise everything for you and update all product and project costs accordingly.

Get in touch

We hope this has given you a quick introduction to VAT relief. Our friendly experts are always happy to answer any further questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch for more information and we will be delighted to help.