What’s under a wetroom floor?

A cutaway showing the layers of a wetroom floor including tiles, adhesive, tanking, shower former, underfloor heating, and plywood

Wetrooms are a great way to achieve a stylish, accessible bathroom. They are also easier to create than you might think. Whatever your floor type, room size, or plumbing, a wetroom could be perfect for your home. 

However, because so much of a wetroom’s workings are hidden from view, we know they can seem like a bit of a mystery. 

So here’s our quick guide to how they work and what’s going on beneath the tiles!

Shower former tray

A shower former tray

You may not realise it, but underneath a wetroom floor sits a very clever piece of kit called a former. These look very similar to a standard shower tray but are specifically designed to be covered by tiles. They have pre-formed gradients at just the right angle to create the perfect drainage. They are very strong, simple to fit, and can be trimmed to suit any room size and plumbing.


There is also a layer of waterproofing, called tanking. This is a product that is painted on to your floors and walls and forms a waterproof coating beneath your tiles. In the incredibly unlikely event any water escaped the former, the integrity of the building structure would be unaffected. Waterproof tape is also added at any joints.


A grey level access wetroom with chrome linear style drain

A linear wetroom drain

Depending on your style and the plumbing in your bathroom, you can choose to have either a linear or a square drain. If you have a particularly narrow floor space, you may require a pump too.

Fine & Able are always on hand to provide technical advice about which products will be most suitable for your home and what to consider. We are also happy to work with your installer to ensure everything is the perfect fit for your home.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating also works brilliantly in a wetroom, providing a very effective way to gently warm your room. As the old floor needs to come up to fit a wetroom anyway, this is something lots of our customers choose to do and a good installer can easily add this into your project.

As well as a touch of luxury, underfloor heating dries floors very quickly, keeping everything fresh and hygienic. 

The finishing touch!

A plain stone coloured tiled wetroom floor with complimentary geometric patterned tiles on the wall in cool blues and sand

Our stunning Codec slip-resistant tiles, suitable for floor and walls

Then just add the tiles of your choice! Whether you are looking for something timeless or the latest trend, our extensive range offers finishes to suit every style and budget.

Whatever style you choose from F&A, you can be confident you’re getting the safest option available for a wetroom. All our floor tiles are Pendulum Test Value (PTV) rated for the highest slip-resistance suitable for wetrooms.

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