We're in House & Garden magazine!

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We are so excited that Fine & Able bathrooms have been featured in the fabulous House & Garden Magazine!

Thank you to Fiona McKenzie Johnston for a brilliant exploration of why we should all be thinking about accessible interiors and future-proofing our homes.

Adaptable or Accessible?

In the article, Fiona discusses the difference between adaptable homes and accessible homes. She outlines lots of ways to future-proof our homes without "that depressingly clinical look of old." Here's snippet from the article:

The first thing is to understand the difference between certain often-used terms. 'Accessible' describes something that can be used autonomously, and there is a spectrum; a wheelchair user has different needs to somebody who can’t raise an arm above shoulder height. 'Adaptable' suggests somewhere that has been designed with future accessibility in mind, “For instance, if you’re doing a bathroom, and reinforce stud walls with plywood before tiling, it’s very easy to add a grab rail later,” explains Guy Harris, director of AccessiblePRS, a company that is working to increase the supply of adaptable and accessible homes in the UK. “Workable,” says Guy, “is an interior that you have shuffled around to make do, and there’ll often be things that aren’t ideal, such as steps between rooms that need portable ramps. Workable does not translate as suitable.”

Read the full article on the House & Garden website here.

Dual-design features

Of Fine & Able, the article highlighted Fine & Able's clever dual-design features, such as basins with a place to steady yourself that also doubles up as a towel rail.

When it comes to accessibility, there is now a huge range of genuinely attractive accessories....Ed launched Fine & Able last year, which specialises in bathrooms and carries a range of slip resistant porcelain floor tiles and grab rails in a variety of colours, from red and yellow to a rather chic matt black. Some are also detachable – as are shower seats. Other aids can be disguised: “We’ve got what looks like an ordinary shower riser rail that actually supports 90kg of weight,” discloses Ed. 

Our sister brand, Motionspot, was also heavily featured, for their beautiful accessible hotel designs and much more.

Highly desirable

On why Fiona thought it was so important to write the piece, she says:

"It’s something noone wants to think about, but there but for the grace of God go we all…. And there aren’t enough accessible/ adaptable homes in the UK to serve demand, making future-proofing your own house that much more important (unless you want to spend your final days in a care home… ). The other thing is that #accessibleinteriors can now not only be beautiful, thanks to @fine_and_able@grannygetsagrip et al - but highly desirable".

Get in touch 

If you're interested in making your home more adaptable and would like to create a beautiful, future-proofed bathroom get in touch with the Fine & Able team.