Is a wetroom for you? Wetroom FAQs

Something we hear a lot is that people love the idea of making their bathroom more accessible, but don’t think a wetroom is right for them. There are lots of myths about how they perform when, actually, they can work in almost any home and are a great option that everyone can use.

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked and our myth-busting answers!

Can I have a wetroom upstairs?

Yes! Wetrooms are suitable for any floor in the home – even the top floor in a tower block! Contrary to popular belief, a properly fitted wetroom is actually one of the most valuable things you can do to improve the integrity of your home. They are less likely to experience leaks than a standard bathroom as every surface and join in a wetroom will be fully waterproofed.

Read our article on what's under a wetroom floor for more information.

Do I need a lot of space?

 A sand coloured accessible wetroom with illuminated mirror and storage niche above a wall hung sink, glass shower screen and folding shower seat

Wetrooms can fit into surprisingly small spaces

Not at all. Standard shower trays cause a permanent obstacle that are always sticking out into the room, causing trip hazards, or stopping rollators and wheelchairs from moving around freely. A wetroom shower former sits beneath the tiles, meaning the floor space remains clear. This gives you much more freedom to position everything in a way that suits you and accommodates tricky spaces.

Are they easy to keep clean?

 A grey tiled wetroom floor with long rectangular linear style drain in chrome

A linear style wetroom drain. See below for square version

Yes! All our formers feature detachable grates and hair traps that simply lift out for easy cleaning. They also have a very effective seal to prevent any odours travelling back up and escaping into your beautiful bathroom.

Our Fine & Able experts can also advise on which styles of tiles and grout are easiest to maintain.

Will everything get wet and slippery?

 A close up of a blue and white patterned slip-resistant tiled floor with a bowl of fruit sat on it.

Our beautiful Venti slip-resistant floor tiles

Not if you use the correct tiles. It is vital that the tiles you use on a wetroom floor are slip-resistant. At Fine & Able, we only stock floor tiles with the highest slip-resistance possible.  We have found styles that look amazing, feel luxurious, and provide the security you need. Our tiles also work well with crutches, sticks, rollators and wheelchairs, that require a bit of extra purchase in the wet.

We have a wide range of very effective shower screen options that ensure the water stays exactly where it should – from a simple curtain, to enclosures, to split screens for assisted washing.

Will the water will run out of the door?

 View through a door to a rich green metro tiled wetroom in herringbone style and wood-effect floor tile

There's no chance of water leaving the room in a properly designed and fitted wetroom

If you have ever heard a horror story about water escaping out of wetrooms, it will be due to a incorrectly positioned shower or former.

Due to the pre-formed gradients in our wetroom former kits, it is impossible for water to run anywhere it shouldn’t. The built-in angle is barely perceptible while using the shower, but it is incredibly efficient at draining water away.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to work with experienced and vetted tradespeople. Always make sure to ask for examples of wetrooms your installer has fitted before and reviews from their previous customers. Fine & Able are also on hand to provide technical advice to your installer about correct fitting.

Are they cold?

Since they appear so spacious, it is a common misconception that wetrooms will be chilly. However, they are no different to any other bathroom.

If you like the feeling of a full shower enclosure, our Bliss Bi-Fold Shower Doors are a great choice. These are a clever product that can be used in pairs to form a corner enclosure directly on the wetroom floor. They have a seal along the bottom that keeps water inside the shower area and a magnetic strip in the centre that clip the doors securely shut. When open they fold completely flush against the walls so you don’t lose any of the space you have acquired with your new wetroom.

Here’s how bi-fold shower doors work:


Underfloor heating also works brilliantly in a wetroom, providing a very effective way to gently warm your room. As the old floor needs to come up to fit a wetroom anyway, this is something lots of our customers choose to do and a good installer can easily add this into your project.

We love underfloor heating. As well as a touch of luxury, underfloor heating dries floors very quickly, keeping them fresh and hygienic. Since all the heating is neatly tucked away, it also frees up valuable wall space. This is great for extra storage, or allowing more options to layout your room.

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