"Bath out. Shower in"

“Bath out. Shower in”. This is one of the most typical renovations our customers ask us for when they approach Fine & Able.

There can be many reasons for this. They might be preparing for surgery that will put them out of action for a while and are thinking about how this might affect their mobility in the bathroom.

Sometimes an ongoing condition such as arthritis has flared up, or they have received a diagnosis for another progressive condition; sometimes, broken bones have left them with decreased mobility.

But often, it is simply that they are growing older and are beginning to find it hard to get into, or more particularly, get out of their regular high-sided bathtub!

Whatever the reason, our job is to help them make a bathroom that will make life easier for them in the short and long term.

Shower tray or wetroom?

Installing a shower cubicle may seem like a quick and straightforward solution, but this can often lead to more difficulties down the line.

Shower trays can extend out awkwardly into a room, creating all sorts of trip hazards when mobility is decreased. Even the smallest lip into a shower cubicle, that may not appear to be a problem in the short term, can become an insurmountable problem should you require a walking stick, frame or wheelchair in the future. Not to mention all the extra nooks and crannies to keep clean!

Whilst it may appear the cheaper option in the short term, crucially, you could end up paying twice (and going through the inconvenience again) should you need to make further changes in the future.

That’s why we always recommend a wetroom. Simply put, it is the most accessible bathroom you can make - and it’s suitable for everyone. They also look stunning, are not as difficult or costly to install as is commonly thought, and have a whole range of other benefits that are well worth considering.

Read more about wet room myths and how they work here.

 After. Modern light grey tiled accessible wetroom with fold up shower seat with shower enclosure doors closed

A beautiful and completely level access wetroom with Bliss Bi-Fold shower enclosure doors is more accessible than a shower tray cubicle.

 After. Modern light grey tiled accessible wetroom with shower enclosure doors open and folded flat against the walls

Do it once, do it right.

This is our ethos at Fine & Able. We are experts in helping our customers to future-proof their homes, by which we mean creating adaptable spaces that can flex to support you over time.

In real terms, this entails clever changes to layout, adding discreet support, innovative products at subtly adjusted heights, removing obstacles, and creating a space that is generally easy to move around in and keep clean. All without compromising style, of course.

In our designs, we consider things like a carer and wheelchair access so your bathroom can easily facilitate this too should you ever have the need. And even if this scenario never comes to pass, these design elements are practically invisible and just make a more usable and enjoyable space for all.

We all know that renovating a bathroom at any time of life is a big job that involves a certain amount of disruption, but trying to make adaptations to your home bit-by-bit when you are unwell is even worse.

Two before shots of a old fashioned tired bathroom with turquoise tiles and high sided bath

A neutral fully tiled accessible wetroom with fold-up shower seat, bi-folding shower doors and modern wall hung basin

Peace of mind

Making your bathroom more accessible is a wise investment in your future.

With all the news about changes to social care, knowing you have a bathroom in your own home that you can use for the long term can bring real peace of mind, both to you and to your loved ones who may worry about you.

Increasingly we see customers coming to us to help them create their ‘forever home’ to reduce the likelihood of having to move away from the home and community they love as they age.

After having a Fine & Able bathroom installed, our customers tell us that tasks which had become difficult over the years have become so much easier.

Read  Sue  and Christine's  stories about future-proofing their homes.

From a place to perch in the shower, to discreet support rails, to storage that doesn’t require bending or stretching, we can help you to create a safe, accessible, and stylish space.

"Future-proofing takes away the fear of tomorrow. It means I can nest and snuggle and enjoy every day without the niggling feeling that I’m not getting the best from life.”


Treat yourself

Thinking about the future is not all doom and gloom! Updating a tired bathroom can be a real treat too.

Future-proofing your bathroom gives you the chance to do things on your own terms. You can pour over your favourite magazines or browse the internet to find your favourite styles at your leisure. Our design consultations are an enjoyable part of the process, and our friendly Design Consultants will help you to bring your ideas to life with beautiful 3D visuals.

Get in touch to book a design consultation today and start creating your own future-proofed bathroom.